Friday, April 27, 2012


Shoes. A very important and essential piece of any outfit. They can make it or break it. You can be looking mighty fine but a bad pair of shoes can turn the look from sexy to saggy. There are 4 pairs of shoes that every guy should own:

#1: Converse High Tops (preferably in black)
   * These shoes go with everything. From jeans and a tee to a classy suit. You'll achieve that "I just       threw these on last minute, but they look fucking awesome" look. Who doesn't want that?

#2: Oxfords
   * Every man should own a pair of some sort of dress shoe. You never know when you'll be attending a wedding, funeral, or your girlfriend is dragging you to some fancy brunch with her parents. Oxfords are most definitely the way to go for this one. They are a no fuss shoe that works with any fancy attire. But they also look pretty kick ass with skinny jeans as well.

#3: Combat Boots
    * Boots are my all time favourite thing to see on guys. They are extremely versatile and oh so sexy. My favourite colour for these is brown. A worn in, I wear these every day, type brown. Yes, yes, yes.

#4: Casual Vans
   * Last, but not lease, Vans. They've been around since 1966. They're obviously a classic by now. These shoes work with everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. They're easy to throw on and easy to match with your outfit. Go buy some. Now.

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